According to a survey, many people use various types of products and devices to make their smile beautiful. Whitening of teeth is one of the ways to make your smile memorable for the people you meet for the first time. Teeth whitening pens are one of such options. In this write-up, we are going to provide you with brief information about this teeth whitening device and its pros and cons.

What is a teeth whitening pen?

As per length and looks teeth whitening pens resemble lipstick pencil or an ordinary pen as it is made of plastic tubes filled with a gel to remove stains from your teeth by rubbing on them gently.

Ingredients in a teeth whitening pen

hydrogen peroxide is the active ingredient found in GOGO Smile teeth whitening pens. Other elements found in these pens may include water, glycerin, carbinol, carbomer, sodium hydroxide and flavouring agent.

Working of teeth whitening pen

Though hydrogen peroxide is used by dentists for whitening the teeth effectively still carbamide peroxide is considered more effective for this purpose. Carbamide peroxide is made by mixing urea in hydrogen peroxide which makes it more efficient in whitening your teeth. It may take a longer time to clean your teeth than hydrogen peroxide but it is safe for your gums and teeth. If you wear teeth tray then you can use carbamide peroxide to provide it time to clean your teeth more easily.

Sodium bicarbonate or baking soda is another active ingredient found in teeth whitening pens which make it safe for people with sensitive gums and teeth. But it can remove stains on the surface of the teeth as it is almost ineffective on deep stains

Pros and cons of teeth whitening pens


Flexible use: Instead of using on all of your teeth you can use teeth whitening pen flexibly to brighten one or few very much stained teeth.

Inexpensive: As compared to other teeth whitening options like teeth whitening light system or teeth whitening kits or strips, the average cost of using teeth whitening pens is very low whereas results are almost similar.

Convenient to carry: You can easily carry these pens in your pocket or purse to use them wherever you go including travelling, at the office or while playing as you can use it anytime and anywhere.

Easier to use: These pens are easy to use as compared to other teeth whitening option like trays and bleaching strips. You can wash your teeth after 20-30 minutes of applying this pen ion your teeth whereas in other cases you will have to be cautious about the right placement of the strip or teeth tray to ensure the effective results.

Fast working: It can lighten the shade of your teeth 3-4 times within a week even after using it for the first time as it works very fast than other teeth whitening options.

Accurate application: It can be applied accurately on your teeth, unless you have shaky hands, to whiten them without causing burning effect in your gums


Various studies have proved that it cannot be used properly on the premolars and molars situated on the back of your mouth.