For starters, there’s no doubt in the fact that the wedding venue, food and beverages, etc. can cost a lot and sometimes the overall wedding price can be quite hefty. Now, it’s your big day and you want to be stress-free, and you want to look the best you can in your wedding dress, but let’s get a little realistic? No bride and groom would ever want to have the best wedding just by putting themselves under a lot of financial burden, right?

The point is that if you really want a budget-friendly, peaceful wedding then, there are a few things that you need to take under your control and one of them is the wedding catering. Think about all the money you can save just by catering your own wedding? On top of everything, it will be a unique wedding too and well that’s what everyone wants at the end of they day – to stand out!

Yes, you can always find the best catering services around you. If you live in Melbourne, then you can easily find an affordable yet premium catering in Melbourne. But today, we are talking about catering your wedding yourself and we guess that’s more fun!

1-Creating a detailed plan

The first thing you need to do is to create a proper plan in detail with your partner to be. Start with the menu and first figure out the food that you can serve to your guests. Once you are done with that, you then have to consider the equipment you’ll be needing to make the food. Just put it all down on a planner, make a checklist of it and start working on the tasks one by one. You can even ask for some assistance in this process from your friends and family, and they will be happy to help you.

2-Design a menu that’s your favourite

After all, it’s your wedding and you should have everything around you that you like and that includes the food too. When you’ll design your favourite menu, you’ll be able to make all the food with passion and you’ll somehow make it good. So, first check all the resources you have, check the equipment that you need and then check your budget. If everything is just as you want it to be, then make the move and start working on your menu.

3-Ask for help

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with asking for help from your friends and family so don’t shy away from it. It’s your wedding that you are going to cater yourself and alone you and your partner won’t be able to handle everything. So, call your friends and ask them for some help in catering your wedding.

Just keep the menu simple and plan the catering part as early as possible. If you do so, your wedding will be smooth and fine, just like you want it to be!