In this world, there are two kinds of people in terms of their views about Birkenstocks. People who love them and those who hate them. Vintage high quality Birkenstocks are really popular at the moment in their high fashion versions.

It has something to do with style influencers and designers anointing them a “it” shoe a couple of years ago. It is not just granola hippies that wear them, either it is now celebrities, models, and lots of women from Los Angeles to New York City who don’t work in fashion, but they all love this vintage classic shoe the same. Things don’t show any signs of slowing down – in the last two months alone Birkenstock has collaborated with high-fashion cults Opening Ceremony and Rick Owens.

When the first Birkenstock pair was released, it did not make it to get itself recognized really as the item a traditional fashionista would ever wear. They were only those shoes that would have been expected to be worn by some hippie to some very casual show where he must have to act his typical Hippieism out. Many among the luxury elite would have preferred going somewhere without any shoe on rather than thinking about ever wearing a Birkenstock pair. Thank god the times are now different and people have transformed into a welcoming lot who would love to embrace a little touch of funkiness with a cool pair of Birkenstocks that are now totally in the fashion world.  

How did a piece of footwear that was only loved by young college frantic boys and hippies become a fashion necessity?

Right after they were invented, Birkenstocks started to appear in the magazines being worn by fashion models only. It was when the fashionistas started drooling over these fashion statements. Moreover, Birkenstock’s were becoming an easily available item in the prestigious fashion stores like Bloomingdales. Nevertheless, it was not until when a model by Celine was sent on the runway wearing these furry shoes in 2013 when Birkenstocks made it to the highlights of the fashion world. It was after this show that this pair became a must have and even when people did not have $1000 in their pockets all the time, they considered it a duty to have at least one Birkenstock pair in their wardrobe no matter what. Since then, these shows have become a fashion label in themselves and people are actually investing in this high street fashion item.

Brikentstocks have become a coveted item in fashion

Even when the fact is that good and trendy Birkenstocks offering some high quality are just another trend, they are not really your ordinary shoe trend at all. In contrast to the other such fashion statements, such as Vans, which became popular a few decades ago, these Birkenstock are entirely a new thing. Many fashion police members are hesitant to say anything against these and are of a view that shows have the power to stay.