In light of the events of the coronavirus, people have been feeling exceptionally stressed, overwhelmed and frightened. With the situation getting worse day by day, so is people’s mental health. The COVID’19 began at the end of December and has now affected over 200 countries in the world. Almost everyone in the world is practising social distancing, which means remaining away from the people around them to prevent the spread of the virus. However, this then means that stores and businesses have been closed physically, malls, parks, and all other leisure activities have also been closed off.

With the closure of these activities, people have been overthinking, panicking and frankly just freaking out. However, there has been a saviour amongst all this. That is online shopping. Many people believe that online shopping is the only solace they have in these difficult times. As it is the only way for them to feel connected to the outside world, get new stuff and is just a way to relax their nerves.

People have been buying necessary items like grocery and items from the Windsor Smith sale off the internet to help calm themselves and believe that it is a way to help fight off the feeling of anxiety and fear. Amazon claims to have hired extra staff to keep up with the demand of online shopping. In some countries, the increase has been about 100 per cent because people have nothing better to do with their time.

Researchers believe that this online shopping works in the same way physical shopping does and helps in the release of endorphins. It releases hormones that help decrease stress and help in breaking the quarantine routine which gives people a break from their boring life. They also believe that this is a way for people to interact with the outside world, have something to look forward to and be excited about things which they can’t be otherwise.

Many might believe that people must be spending so much more than they were before the quarantine was implemented. However, people have been substituting the money that they used for eating out, on gas and during physical outings on online shopping and believe that they are spending lesser than they were before.

With the amount of uncertainty, threat and fear in the world, online shopping has been like a ray of hope for many. It gives them a way to keep in touch with the outside world and helps release endorphins that bring them pleasure and happiness. However, one thing to always keep in mind is that whenever you do get your supplies or packages delivered, you should always clean them with disinfectants and wipe them down before opening to prevent and reduce the risk of coronavirus entering your home. People should do online shopping, however, too much of it can be harmful and can eat away your savings. Being responsible at this time is advised.