People often misunderstand the very definition of working out. It doesn’t only mean hitting the gym and exercising. It is also about what you do before and after you exercise. Believe it when we say that all your hard work can go into vain if you do not take care of what you do before hitting the gym and after it. So, in this article, you will know about the things you should do before and after your workout.

Before You Exercise

1. Pre-workout Snack

It is not recommended to eat before working out. But, it’s also not recommended not to eat anything. You must have something light to eat before a few hours of your exercise. If you are eating solid food, you must wait it out for 4 hours.

It’s really a problem to understand the quantity and the quality of food you must consume. That’s why you have pre-workout snacks. You can buy pre-workout supplements online. There are a handful of options to pick from.

2. Stay Hydrated

Since you will lose a lot of fluid during exercise because of all the sweating, you need to make sure to drink plenty of water before the workout. Extensive workouts can leave you dehydrated if you do not drink enough water.

3. Sound Sleep

In order to feel refreshed and motivated, sound sleep is important. Also, it helps in not feeling lightheaded or dizzy during the exercise.

4. Take Your Time And Wear Right Workout Clothes

Sometimes people choose the wrong workout gear, such as supporters. As a result, they end up hurting themselves. Thus, take your time in selecting the right ones to avoid the same problem.

5. A Light Warm Up

Warming up your body is beneficial because, before a workout, your body is in a resting state. So to wake it up and prep it to enter into the active state you are required to warm it up.

After You Exercise

1. Take A Minute To Cool Down

Exercise leaves you feeling heated. Thus, take your time, sit down and relax to cool off before you do anything else.

2. Stretch To Help With The Soreness

Muscle soreness is quite normal when exercising, especially lifting weights. The best way to overcome the pain is to stretch your body.

3. Take Shower And Wear Clean Clothes

This is the obvious thing to do after the workout. Cool yourself down and take a shower to feel rejuvenated. Also, do not forget to wear fresh pair of clothes.

4. Eat & Hydrate

After a workout, your body enters recovery mode. It needs time, food and fluids to recover from the workout. Thus, eat healthily and stay hydrated after the workout.

5. Always Pay Attention To Your Body

Do not be too hard on your body; pay attention to it. If something is wrong, your body will give you signs. If you feel too tired, then take a day off and rest. It’s possible that your body has not yet recovered from your past workout session.


So, these are the things that you should do before and post workouts. You should know that to witness progress; you must prepare yourself before it as well as after it. If you want to hit the gym again after your recent workout session the next day, taking care of your body after exercise is essential.