There are always those teams in every enterprise and organisation that just seem to work the best. You might call them the ‘dream team.’ But the truth is, it took years of effort with trials & errors to get to where they are today. Still, you could benefit from some common traits we found most high-performing teams working with. Let’s see if these help you get the most out of your team and boost productivity to the next level:

1. Understanding Roles, But Being Flexible To Changes

Each member of such a team would understand and acknowledge their duties and roles. They understand who the team leader is and what each one’s work is for the given task or commitment.

If needed, they are willing to be flexible and switch roles. For example, a creative person could take over the leading role if the task requires a more creative approach.

2. The Willingness To Communicate

Any high-performing team values and prioritises honesty and transparency. This goes for their members and those who aren’t their team members. They are clear about their needs and won’t have empty promises or lies to support them.

For instance:

  • The team would define the goals and the resources they need to the authorities accordingly.
  • They wouldn’t mind laying out the truth about the deadlines and more.
  • They also communicate with each other at every step without assumptions.

3. An Exceptional Bond And Trust (Team Building)

A high-performing team often requires a phenomenal rapport. This builds by working together and acknowledging each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Most members of the high-performing team spend time outside of work to learn about each other. They don’t necessarily base their entire day on it, but they would have meetups. For instance, a meetup every weekend.

Similarly, they bond over non-work related topics like personal life and more. There aren’t the set boundaries we see people in high positions practice.

4. Strategic Time And Resource Management

More importantly, for any enterprise, a high-performance team is responsible for time and other resources. They wouldn’t waste time conducting unnecessary meetings. Similarly, they wouldn’t just hang around and waste time.

They are dedicated and committed, especially since they share a goal or commitment with the company on the project. This leads to holistic growth for the company.

5. Sharing The Experience And Expertise

One of the best characteristics of high-performing teams is that they share their knowledge and experience. They are willing to teach each other and share wisdom. For example, a costume designer won’t mind telling the make-up artist the kind of look they are expecting for the outfit. Similarly, a team lead in a developer team won’t mind telling if they want to prioritise user interface or experience or find a balance.

But more importantly, they are willing to help each other learn how it can be achieved. For instance, the lead developer might share some tips on how to make the interface more user-friendly and vice-versa. That’s how a well-versed and high-performing team operates.