When you want to lay the foundation of the interior, factors such as choosing flooring and furniture play a vital role. Likewise, when it’s about designing your bathroom, your basin dictates what needs to be done further. Therefore, many people prefer selecting the basin design first. This article will discuss why you should start with a basin, and what types of basins are available in the market. So, if you are planning a new bathroom, then you should spare a few minutes for this insightful information.

Why Start With The Basin?

The interior of your home decides the kind of furniture you will have to purchase. Similarly, when it’s to the bathroom, the tiles and basin are the two things that can greatly influence the overall design of your bathroom. Most people prefer the colour of the tiles and basin to be the same.

However, sometimes it’s not necessary that you will get the exact basin colour that you need to compliment the tiles as tiles have a wider range as compared to basins. Therefore, starting with the basin would be a smart decision. Once you have the basin, you can move further and choose the other things in your bathroom, such as tiles and vanity cabinets accordingly. 

Types Of Basins

Wall Hung Basins

If you like compact designs, then you can go for the wall-hung basins. These basins usually have tapware mounted right above the basin. The basin is also mounted on the wall, thus using little space.

Inset Basins

Inset basins are installed in the vanity or a bench. They look like classic basins. These come with two designs: a mixer mounted over the vanity or a tapware usually hung on the wall.

Above Counter Or Bench Mounted Basins

Undercounter Basins

Usually, the basins are on top of the counter. However, this one is installed underneath the counter or vanity. Thus, providing you with enough space to do your chores. This basin is also easier to clean as compared to others.

Column Basins

Column basins are rectangular and hide all the plumbing work under them. These are tall and stand strong in the bathroom, providing a different look to your bathroom. The top and bottom sides of the basin are narrow, and the left-right sides are broad.

Pedestal Basins

The bathroom pedestal basin is more like the traditional basins. They have a stand underneath them made up of the same material as the basin. This stand hides away the plumbing and also provides support to the top of the basin.

Semi Recessed Basins

These basins require less space. Therefore, these are good for bathrooms that do not have much space. The basin doesn’t require much space on the counter as well. It is usually attached to half of it, and the rest of it leans in front, giving you access to the tapware easily. This one is a suitable choice if you are trying to save money and space. 

Final Thoughts

If you are planning a new bathroom or have started designing one, you should pick out the basin first. Once you do that, the rest design of the bathroom will fall into place automatically.