The festive season is upon us. Therefore, it is the best time to start preparing your outdoor space for the long hot nights and days you will spend with your friends and family outdoors.

To boost your energy level and that of your family and friends, you have to create an ideal outdoor space in which to recharge, relax and to reconnect with nature. With a properly decorated outdoor space, you will manage to relax with a cool cocktail and bask in the summer weather. Regardless of the size of your outdoor space, you can enhance the bling factor. Here are a few tips that will help you decorate the space for summer nights’ outdoor living.

Use more colour

Summer celebrations will not be complete without fun and bright colours and funky patterns. It is the right time, you start going bold. If you do not want to replace your chairs, go for the statement seat cushions the market offers – the cushions will add some flair to your chairs.

To add more colour, string up festoon lighting and use some statement pots and plants because they will add more personality. Paint the veranda, fence or the pergola for fresh season look. A few rugs will demarcate the zones for more relaxation and entertainment. Go for the weather-resistant rugs because you will not worry about leaving them outdoors in rain and will not fade in the hot sun.

Add some space for relaxation

Instead of focusing on entertainment alone, you should work to make your outdoor space a place to enjoy the downtime and relax. Establish some space to help you retreat into the garden or onto the deck – creating relaxation nooks for quietness and peace. If space is limited, you just need to set aside a little area.

Add more lighting for ambience

To add ambience and party atmosphere easily in your outdoor space, use string lights or battery powered fairy lights. A long strand of lighting will illuminate the patio area. Optionally, you can connect several strands for the dramatic atmosphere in your garden. Outdoor lighting will come in handy if the summer nights full of drinks and friends proceed for more hours than you had initially planned.

Go for a garden accent table

Perhaps, you are already feeling the fresh iced tea or the ice-cold lemonade in your hand. To enjoy your summer nights on your outdoor space, you will have to rest your delicious drinks on a stylish table. Garden accent tables are a better option for people who want a better appearance on their patio without ruining the natural scenery. Whatever the design or colour you choose will float the boat and the drinks will look cool.

Add a fire pit

If you can remember something about the days’ people camped outdoor during summer nights, the backyard fire pit was part of their living. So, a good fire pit is a better way of reliving your childhood this summer. The market offers small compact and easier to use fire pits that are available in a variety of shapes and designs too. Your family and your guests will always remember the nights they will spend around the flames.  

The few ideas will help you give you courtyard some makeover this summer. Be creative and spend some of your time outdoors. After creating a pleasant outdoor space, you will just need some refreshing beverage and your favourite dish.