Whenever you think of catwalk makeup, you will probably think dewy and glowing skin, pretty pastels shades and bronzed cheeks.

Such things are very common on the runways, but you are also likely to find electric pink of lashes and lips, metallic foiled lips and golden glitter flecks. Makeup artists are always coming up with new beauty trends. Some of the trends are applicable in our daily lives and some of them will help you make a bright image for your party. Here are a few tips to help you develop that catwalk ready make-up.

Start with the skin

A skin with a super-healthy look is key to developing a catwalk-ready appearance – your perfect version. The appearance of good skin starts with a choice of good skin care. Apply a quality face and body lotion on your face and then use a lip conditioner and brightening serum. Use more lip conditioner that you use regularly and allow the products to sink while you work on the face.

Work on the coverage

If you already have a favourite foundation, take it and apply a light cover on your skin using a simple brush. That will push the already applied foundation deeper and prevent the appearance of a product that is lying on your skin surface. If you need good results, you might need to go for a small eyeliner brush because it will hide any area that requires extra coverage. Most makeup artists go for palettes because they offer four shades to cover every circumstance. To avoid mistakes, use a Hollywood mirror with light bulbs.

Work on your eyes

Under your eyes, you might need to use a combination of a highlighter along with a concealer. By mixing the two products, you will add gentle radiance around your eye area. Some stylists are now going for the 60s and 70s styles lashes. To prepare for a false lash application, you just need to use a lash curler to curl your lashes into a C backward shape. Apply bronzey golds and mink shades with your 286 brush to make natural socket version – more like an elongated half-moon. To set and strengthen the cream eye shadow, sweep the eye shadow on your socket. That will make a 70s classic appearance. Fake lashes are another good option.

If there is any need for trimming, start on the outer edge. Use lashes that are long in the middle because they will provide you with an exaggerated round eye effect. And because your goal is to attain a 1970s appearance, do not apply any mascara to the lashes. Use minimum glue too.

Push the brows upwards

Using a clear brow set, push your brows upwards to give them the bushy appearance. If your brows are very thin, use a shadow instead of a liner as that will make them fluffy. That way, you will achieve a glittering 70s appearance. To get the best look for your cheeks, use crème blusher. Blush it up after application to get a 70s makeup. Apply lipstick on your lips using your fingertips. Overall, there is an imperfection feeling associated with fingertips. Some lipsticks will provide you with a soft colour that will not appear overdone.