In order to have a beautiful natural look, it is essential to have perfect hair extensions. Different salons and brands have different measurements for the colour of your extension, which sometimes can be unclear. Here are the tips for you, to choose the best colour-match for your hair.

Which part of your hair you should use to colour-match the extensions?

The colour of the ends of your hair is different from the colour at the roots. Hair tends to be darker at the roots than the ends. The extensions are attached to the ends of your hair so there’s a need for them to blend more at the ends than the roots. That’s why you should always match the extensions to the ends of your hair rather than the roots.

What colour to choose for two-toned hair?

Highlighted hair is usually a combination of two or more shades, and the best match for your extension would be the most dominant hair colour. This also depends on the look you want for yourself. If you want to bring out a certain colour you have less in your hair, you may choose to match the colour that is the least in your hair.

For an ombre look, dying the extensions ombre, even if it is a human-hair extension, is not a good idea as it might not give the desired outcome. Rather, dye your hair ombre first then choose the bottom colour of your hair to match your extensions.

Which light should you use to match you hair colour with the extensions?

Matching your hair colour under white or yellow light is not a great idea. For the best results, you should do the task under natural light standing by the window.

How to colour-match when buying extensions online?

If you want to buy extensionsonline, one way to match your hair colour is to take photos of the full length of your hair from the front, side and back and send them over to a representative of your chosen brand. The photos should be taken in natural light and with a high pixel camera in order to have the best quality photos. You can also have a video chat to show your hair colour live.

Brands and salons also provide a colour guide ring and swatches you can pre-order for. This will save you from the mishap of a colour mismatch by ordering the real extensions.

Is there a pre-booking purchase available?

You can also purchase a product with which a tester is available. With such products, a separate tester piece is available attached to the lower portion of the package. The tester piece comes in a size of 3” which can be clipped to your hair to confirm whether you selected a perfect match for your hair or not.

If you want flawless flowing hair, you should definitely try hair extensions and hair colouring in South Brisbane.