Playsuits and rompers are chic fashion statement outfits that not all women can carry. But if you’re one of those lucky ones that can, wearing them in the winter seems like a hassle in itself. Because of the cold, your hands and feet are fully exposed and not only make you cold but also make your hair stand up, giving you goosebumps.

For any person that knows how to carry themselves that is a big no. But today we will be teaching you how to dress to impress within the winter months using a playsuit. A few key things to keep in mind are that everything from your make up to your shoes will have an impact on how your outfit looks on you and how to keep warm, so it’s best to vary of these things while styling.

The Playsuit

Playsuits come in various shapes and sizes and the material they are made out of. In the winter months, it’s always best to get a playsuit or a romper that is made of a thicker and sturdier material such as denim or even velvet. This will help give you an extra layer of warmth and protect you from the cold. You can find an amazing collection of jumpsuits and playsuits online.


When styling a playsuit within the winter months, it’s always best to wear something underneath. Within the summer months, most people like to wear tanks or crop tops, but during winters wearing a turtle neck or a thick sweater will help you look chic yet stay warm and cozy. You could choose a simple plain colored shirt to match your playsuit or even a graphic t-shirt would work, but that might make you a little colder.

On The Top

When going out in the winter, it’s best we take a coat or a jacket to cover ourselves. With a playsuit, a classic leather jacket would help it stand out even more. Adding a denim jacket too would make you look like a rock star. Adding a scarf or a hat will help amp the lookup and make it look winter-appropriate and pretty.


Instead of leaving your legs bare, as you would in the winter, it is advisable that you wear a pair of tights or stocking underneath your playsuit. What this will do is cover your legs and protect them from the cold and also hide those nasty goosebumps you don’t want showing. This will also add a classy and chic look to the outfit.


It’s best that in the winter month, you swap out your ballerina flats and sandals for thick boots and shoes. These will really help you navigate in the winter and take your look up a notch. Especially if you live in an area where it snows, these will really be a blessing for you.