Do you have many clothes in your closet and still do not know how to dress well? Do you find it difficult to find the ideal combinations for every occasion? Do you have nice clothes but you feel badly dressed? Knowing how to dress well is one of the difficulties and one of the fashion secrets that all women want to discover when looking for the style that best suits us. But beyond following the latest trends or having beautiful clothes, dressing well is about feeling comfortable with ourselves and wearing clothes that improve our appearance to express our unique personality at a particular time and place.

All women come in different sizes and shapes, so knowing what our body shape is, the colours that look best for us and the type of clothing for each occasion can help us choose clothes that accentuate our most favourable points and hide instead, those we don’t like so much.

1-Know what favours you the first thing to take into account when choosing clothes is to know yourself and know the style that best suits you. If the clothes you have in your closet do not make you feel good and do not look good with your appearance, it does not matter how fashionable it is or how striking it is, if you do not feel well it is better to forget it.

2-Know your body type, not all women are equal, and there are many characteristics that distinguish us from each other. To dress well it is important to know your body type is key to know which garments favour you most and which attributes you can highlight over those that you want to hide,.

Discover which colours suit you best just as with the shape of your body, knowing your skin tone can also help when learning how to dress well and wear the clothes that favour you. The combinations of colours, shapes and textures depend in part on the tone of your skin, so the next time you go shopping look before the veins that are in the area of ​​your wrist and see they look greener or bluer.

3-Is your skin warm or warm? Another way to know what type of clothing, accessories and jewellery suits you is to discover if your skin tone is cold or warm. This concept comes from colourimetry and allows us to “determine the personal colour palette”.

To know what your tone is you can do a very simple test. You need a similar two garments and orange and a pink colour. Put it near your face or arm to see which one suits you best. Which of the two do you look younger and bright with? Then, perform the same step again, with two other T-shirts or garments, but this time in a cream and white tone. Observe with what tone and colour your skin shines more. You can do the same with a silver jewel and a gold jewel.

4-Prefer closet basics rather than trends It will always be much better to dress in flattering clothes, and with a style that goes well with your figure than to follow all fashion trends as they arise even when they are not comfortable. It is not necessary to use colours, models or styles that do not go with you just because it is the latest trend, the key to looking good is to use what you really like and fit you.

Dressing well is about finding and knowing what clothes and accessories are for you to be able to choose the best clothes and learn how to dress well, you must invest in some key pieces that are eternal and serve any occasion.

The wardrobe basics are the garments that we all must have in order to create good combinations and dress in the easiest and most flattering way. Although the basics may vary according to your style, these are few special occasion dresses in Australia that you must have in your closet:

  • A pair of jeans
  • A white shirt
  • Black heeled shoes
  • An especially beige
  • An elegant suit with jacket
  • A black blazer
  • A Little Black Dress or Black Cocktail Dress

These are the most important basic garments on which you should base all your look.