Having the best-looking smile and pearly white teeth is something everyone desires. However, if you have naturally crooked teeth or not the perfect smile, then you might consider getting your teeth aligned or fixed. If you want to straighten your teeth, but do not know what option to go for, this is the perfect read for you.  In the article, we will be weighing the pros and the cons of braces and Invisalign and why you should choose either one of them for the alignment of your teeth. However, we would suggest that you consult your orthodontist before making a decision on which one to choose. You could always refer to a dentist in Brunswick East for the best opinion on dental procedures.

Braces traditionally are made from metal and are usually attracted to the outer surface of our teeth. However, nowadays, there are many different versions of braces that can be attached on the back and there are ceramic versions too. Also when attaching braces, they attach metal wires and rubber bands to push your teeth back into place and correct their shape.  While Invisalign uses aligners that are made from plastic. These are made through customization for each patient and they are made through a proper 3D scan of your mouth. Then these aligners help align your teeth and mouth in the position which is desired by the patient.

Advantages of Invisalign

The biggest and most important benefit of Invisalign is that it is usually invisible and most people cannot see what you have on. This helps people keep their confidence level and helps them feel good about themselves. Also, it prevents people from knowing you are going through an orthodontic procedure especially for adults who are in their professional life. It also benefits teens as they are trying to find their identity and find it difficult to have braces on their teeth, lowering their self-esteem. Another advantage of Invisalign is that you can easily remove it when you eat. So this would mean you do not need to eat specific foods rather you can eat what you want without having to worry that it will get stuck in your braces. This also then means that you can take it out for brushing and flossing which makes the process easier and gives you better results.

Advantages of Braces

These are used for more complex and severe cases as Invisalign does not always have a powerful impact. These however with the force they use are almost always successful in reaching the target they aim and are able to give you proper results. These also have a much faster treatment time in comparison to Invisalign which means you will be done with the procedure much before and easily enjoy your life with perfect teeth. Another advantage is that there are now many different types of braces one can choose from meaning they do not necessarily need to go for the ones made from wires rather they can always choose those made from ceramic and those that are put behind the teeth.