For tennis fanatics in Australia, there is absolutely nothing more exciting than Australian Open matches. The adrenaline rush is real when the matches start and why wouldn’t it be? Sports matches are meant to instil a sense of excitement, fear, and anxiety all at once. For us, a true tennis lover is the one who also judges the outfits of the players with the same level of interest. If you are someone who is concerned about 2020 Australian Open outfits, then you are just on the right platform. It has everything you need to know about 2020 Australian Open outfits.


It feels truly great to see Adidas coming up with updated versions of their popular. The highlight is that this time there was a lace-less version of Adidas shoes in the Australian Open. It is named as the Stycon and the design is absolutely versatile. Similarly, Nike and Fila have also come up with new designs which are just as wonderful.

Australian History

Now this one is interesting! There was an outfit with prints and designs inspired from the rock formations along with the continental shifts of pre-historic Australia. If this does not excite you, what does? Apart from the prints, the colours of the outfits were also very appealing. And not to forget the fact that the prints were hand-painted!


Hints of neon were also observed in the much talked about the Australian tennis tournament. Venus Williams came up with a collection with bright neon colours. The versatility of neon shades can never be understated for all the right reasons. Apart from that, neon was also incorporated in New Balance’s athletic footwear for the tournament.

The Courts at Melbourne Parks

Dayana Yastremska’s tank and skirt gathered inspiration from the courts at Melbourne Park. How interesting is that? Moreover, it seemed that a great deal of thought and effort was invested into deciding the colours. The vibes of the outfit were powerful. It truly looked like the outfit was designed to build confidence in the courts.

Breaking Stereotypes

Nearly all of us have grown up listening to how the colour pink represents girls only. However, with 2020 Australian Open the myth was shattered into pieces when the ever famous Rafael Nadal confidently sported a bright pink shirt along with pink shoes. It certainly feels great when platforms as big as the Australian Open break the shackles in such a subtle manner.

Nike Dress

It is no surprise to see players sporting the usual tank and shorts at the matches. In the Australian Open this year, Maria Sharapova was seen striking a perfect balance between the elements of fashion and sports – wearing a two-toned red dress by Nike. Everything about this outfit was praiseworthy from functionality to colour.

These were the highlights from the 2020 Australian Open which have made us even more excited for the next one. Let’s see what will be the fashion trends next year. Looks like the good old women’s sports polo shirts in Australia did not make it to the Australian Open this year.