An emotional support animal is no less than a companion who is there at your services during the hardest of times. A part of the world believes that pets and emotional support animals are quite effective in fighting off mental health conditions such as depression. This is why we see many people who have greyhounds as pets.

This comes off as a surprising news to many since animals can’t speak or offer help like humans do. However, the truth is interacting with animals is actually quite helpful for managing stress especially during the coronavirus pandemic.

Just a little animal can do so much for your mental health. Let us share what they are capable of.

Studies have proven that emotional support animals are great for people suffering with mental health conditions such as PTSD, anxiety, depression, agoraphobia, and even social anxiety. So yes, it is scientifically proven.

Doctors have noted vast improvements in people with mental disabilities relying on emotional support animals. Sufferers witness the following if their time with such animals goes well.

  • Reduced social anxiety
  • Increased self-esteem
  • Feeling of being safe and comfortable
  • A boost in motivation levels
  • Reduced symptoms of the diseases
  • A good sense of purpose

There are numerous other studies that are in full support of the emotional support animals. All around the world, there are so many people who have no friends and family to look up to. In that case, these animals are all they have.

For instance, in nursing homes, people tend to feel active and happier when there are animals roaming around with all the love oozing out from their eyes. The results of having such animals around have been fruitful to a point that the people with certain mental health conditions had to reduce their medications.

What could be better than reducing your medications without suffering painful consequences and withdrawals?

One of the most common issue with mental health sufferers is the sudden increase in heart rate. Sometimes it’s so high that you feel a choking sensation and feeling of breathlessness. Many doctors prescribe medications to control that. However, people who spend more time with emotional support animals manage to keep their heart rate normal without popping in different pills with mild to severe side-effects. In fact, their interaction with these animals boosts the flow of feel-good hormones.

Emotional support animals have brought exceptional changes in those suffering from PTSD. The changes were seen within a week of having an animal around.

But there’s one thing that everyone must keep in mind. Some people have severe animal phobia. They could be scared of any animal so the decision of getting services of an emotional support animal must not be imposed. For instance, if someone is scared of dogs, then you must not bring it in front of them all of a sudden as this could disturb them further.

Such patients need to come to terms with the presence of the animal in a step-by-step procedure.