A common assumption during the COVID-19 pandemic has been that most industries have stopped hiring or stopped providing jobs. Even though this statement stands true in most industries, as many industries and companies have downsized and fired people but is not true for some. The COVID-19 pandemic has been a silver lining for many industries and they still are continuing to hire people for jobs.

If you are in a fix, and have been fired or made redundant due to the pandemic, or are looking to change the nature of your job, then this article is for you. Losing your job can mean that you are low on money due to the pandemic, and having a job can change that.

You can look into the various options given below and it might benefit you to choose a new industry. You can also opt to look into MA Services if you are looking for a career change or extra earning potential.

  1. Shipping and Delivering Companies

Due to the COVID pandemic, people have been mainly restricted to their homes. Hence shipping and delivering companies have had a huge increase in sales and orders. This means there is an influx of riders or delivery personnel needed. Due to the pandemic, people are unable to go to their favorite stores to buy products so they have been shopping online. Also, people believe that shopping makes them happy during these dark times. So, if you are looking for a new job, this could be one of the options.

  • Online learning companies

Throughout the world, children are out of schools and at home. Most institutions are conducting online classes though however some are not. Even in those online classes, students do need some sort of assistance and help with their work. This is why online learning institutions have had an influx of students enrolling or have been getting more and more students. We believe that if you have a teaching background or anything related to it, this could be an excellent opportunity to explore.

  • Grocery stores

As people have been home, they have been consuming a lot more than usual, hence a lot more trips to the grocery store. Now that people are shopping very often, grocery stores have been flourishing in business. This is why they have also been hiring through the pandemic and have been expanding their business. If you want a temporary gig during the pandemic, then this could be excellent for you.

  • Childcare

Now that kids are at home and parents are working from home, caring for them is becoming a big challenge for many. This is why they have been hiring baby sitters and have been hiring child care personnel. If you have any experience within this field or believe you may be good at this, then this could be a profitable business. This is because most countries have claimed that the school year will not resume for a while now and it is getting more and more difficult for parents to work as well as manage their children and teach them.