Quarantine has completely shifted the professional ways of the entire world with the pandemic affecting multiple industries. These changes are here to stay for a long time.  Audio and video conferencing have become extremely common these days. Although Zoom, Microsoft Team, and other online communication tools were useful back then as well, but their frequency has rapidly increased in the past few months. Everybody has become comfortable with the convenience that online communication has to offer. It is expected that online meetings will remain a popular technique for work related communication in the future as well.

Now that online meetings are a regular thing for you, have you ever wondered how your online presence can change perceptions? Usually while working from home, people give least attention to the way that they look. However, keep in mind that during an online meeting you are present at your office virtually. It is advisable to dress accordingly to portray a good professional impression to your colleagues and boss. Remember that the visual impact only amplifies during an online meeting. Here are some techniques to look your best your online meeting.

Dress to Stand Out

You dress differently for different purposes and environments. If it is the typical corporate business setting, then it is best to follow the business formal dress code. To give out the impression of a boss lady, you can go for dress pants and a structured blazer. A tie would add more class to your over all look. If a tie is too boyish for you, then go for a scarf as formal neck attire. Scarves can add a hint of fashion by keeping you formal and classy. If you wish to stand out from the rest, then you can also go with a formal dress suitable for the corporate world. Keep searching online and look for amazing party dresses to spice up your wardrobe for that boss lady look.


The choice of colors is extremely important when it comes to giving a good impression. Try to stick to neutrals and earth toned colors for morning meetings. However, if the meeting is in the evening, then you can experiment with bold and dark colors. Black, burgundy, plum, and navy blue are some suitable options. You can pair something neutral with them to balance out the look. However, avoid wearing colors that are similar to your background. For example, if your background is white and you wear white as well, you will appear as a floating head.

You can also use colors to illuminate your personality and become visually more appealing. Choose colors that suit your skin tone. Your favorite colors are the ones that will boost up your confidence and personality during the meeting. So, it is advisable to stick to them. However, avoid wearing patterns because they tend to distract your fellow colleagues.