Switchboards play a very crucial role in terms of safety from electric wires. They are not only useful for the functionality of electric appliances but also helpful in protecting kids from electric shock. People often pay no attention to upgrading the switchboards of their house.

However, thanks to innovative technologies of architecture, people have started considering it. If you are still wondering whether or not your switchboard needs upgrading, then be our guest as we are about to enlighten you regarding the same in this article ahead.

What Is A Switchboard

To put it simply, let’s start by breaking down the word “Switch” and “board.” It means a board that has electrical switches on it. Every building of an office or a house has these kinds of switchboards.

These boards basically help you in switching on or off the supply of electricity in your building. Without a switchboard, it would have been nearly impossible to use electrical appliances such as AC, fans, lights etc., in your home.

Switchboard Upgrade- Why Do You Need It?

Asking for reasons for upgrading anything related to electricity is a no brainer. It is so because electricity is something that is dangerous for human beings or any other living creature. A slight dysfunctioning in electrical things might lead to life-threatening incidents.

Besides, most of the time, the old switchboards are unable to withstand the huge pressure of electricity to run new and advanced appliances. As a result, the switchboard can cause tripping of electricity which can, in turn, put your safety at risk. Other than safety, there are plenty of reasons as to why you might need a switchboard upgrade. Some of the unavoidable reasons are explained below:

Solar Systems

If you are switching from a traditional supply of electricity to a solar system, then you might need to upgrade your switchboards according to that.

Rules & Regulations

Every country has its own set of rules related to the standard of a switchboard. Also, some countries prohibit the use of older switchboards. It is because by using old switchboards, the citizen is compromising the safety of their life.

Smart Meters

Technology is advancing a lot these days. Thus, some smart meters might require advanced switchboards. In short, your older switchboard might not be compatible with new smart meters.

Safety Purposes

The new switchboards come with extra safety measures. Some have inbuilt safety switches to make the switches risk proof.

Overload & Fuses

With new technology, the switchboards are able to handle the workload of electricity. As a result, overloading is reduced. Moreover, the chances of fuses also decline.

Signs That Indicate That Your Switchboard Needs Upgrading

Whenever anything is about to run its course, it gives you signs. It doesn’t matter if it’s an electrical thing. So, if your switchboard has run its course, then you can look for some signs mentioned below to confirm it:

Age Of Your Home

The older the home, the more likely it is for you to upgrade your switchboards. Any house that is 20 or more years older definitely needs upgrading its electrical appliances. And to be secure, you should start with the switchboards.

Durability Of The Wiring

Sometimes the wires used during the construction of a building are not strong enough. As a result, they can become faulty and might cause tripping. Moreover, old wiring corrupts the switchboard as well. So, if your wiring is too old, then you should consider changing the switchboards and the wiring of your property.

Power Points

Due to the constant flow of electricity from the power points, they look faded. So, if you notice weird colours surrounding the power points, then it’s time to upgrade your switchboards.


If you are witnessing continuous incidents of fusing, then it’s time to call an electrician and make them look at your switchboards. If your switchboards would require upgrading, then they will tell your right away.

Electric Shocks And Sparks

If you experience electric shocks while switching on or off the switchboards, then it’s high time to upgrade them. Or maybe ask an electrician to inspect the situation first. Another reason could be sparking. If every time you plug in something or switch on the electricity, you experience a slight spark, then it’s time to change your switchboard with a new one.

Who Should Do The Switchboard Upgrade?

You should know that upgrading the switchboard is not a child’s play. Therefore, when you are even contemplating changing your switchboard, you should immediately call a trustworthy electrician. It is the job of experienced switch boards electricians who are skilled in upgrading electrical things.

However, the things that you should check include whether or not the electrician is licenced and qualified. Keep in mind that you can’t upgrade or do any kind of work on your switchboard. It is a process that should be strictly taken care of by a professional electrician.

Factors Affecting the Cost Of Upgrading Switchboards

When it comes to switchboards, the range varies depending on various variables. Thus, the cost of the switchboard is greatly influenced by its use of it. So, to make it understandable for you, the following are the factors that might affect the cost of upgrading switchboards:


You need to have a pretty good idea of the electricity load that your switchboard is going to bear. Doing so will define the capacity that you should look for in a switchboard. The cost of a switchboard increases with the increase in capacity.


The size won’t change as it will remain exactly the same as the size of your current switchboard. You will have to pay more for the bigger size of the switchboard.


Sometimes upgrading the switchboard becomes an extensive process when the wiring of the building is also old or faulty. So, if the upgrade requires rewiring, then the whole process will become even more costly.


Cables add extra cost to the whole process. The more cable you require, the costlier the upgrade gets.

Labour Costs

The cost of labour widely varies from place to place and from company to company. Therefore, it totally depends on the area you live in and the company you have chosen to do the job.

Bottom Line

It is advisable to change the switchboards of your building in contact intervals of around 20 years. It is so because sometimes you might not see the signs until it’s too late. Moreover, if you are not sure about how old is your home, then hire an electrician to do the inspection of your electrical appliances, including the switchboard.