Music certainly has a calming effect on people’s minds. But little did everyone know that it would be used in the operation theatres while performing a serious surgery. Well, you heard it right. Many surgeons use music to calm and relax their minds, accelerating their clear thinking for quick reflexes.

The two main abilities a surgeon must possess are the clarity of thoughts and the presence of the mind. Fortunately, it has been found that music enhances both of these abilities as it positively affects the nervous system. So, let’s discuss in detail the role of music and other sounds during the surgery.

Music & Surgery

Music and surgery might seem highly unrelated to you. However, these two terms are closely interconnected. You just have to find the right balance to make it work. Well, it is similar to eating and avoiding certain food items to remain healthy. This means you try to find a balance between food. Likewise, using music during surgery doesn’t mean it should be loud or distracting. In order to achieve the result, you need to find the perfect mix of music that has a positive impact.

Besides, if you shift your perspective a little, you might understand what we are discussing. For instance, think of performing surgery as an art. In reality, it might be scientific, but its application is purely artistic. And anything that is related to art is enhanced when accompanied by music.

The Role Of Music And Other Sounds

Music & Science

To understand the role of music in operating rooms, you need to understand its relation to science. Sound waves are a purely scientific phenomenon that is closely connected to vibrations.

In simple words, vibrations are generated by anything that produces sound. And these vibrations reach your ears in the form of sound waves. Therefore, pitch, tone, tempo, volume, and rhythm are all scientific terms. These exact terms are also used in music.

As for the music, your ears and brain work in sync. You hear something, and your brain translates it into something meaningful. As a result, it has some effect on your mind. It is the reason why most sounds are referred to as calming, melodious, relaxing, etc.

Use Of Music In OR

Are you still wondering why Anaesthetists use music in the operating room? The answer is that music alleviates stress and anxiety. In most places, it is also used as a meditative exercise. While performing surgery, the medical team and surgeons are already tensed due to their stressful situation. It is because they perform under the pressure of saving the patient. And when it’s a matter of life and death, experiencing anxiety and stress is normal. So, to calm themselves, surgeons listen to melodic songs that are mainly of the genres such as classical jazz or rock music.

Final Thoughts

You might have heard that most people listen to music to calm themselves, or they listen to it to fall asleep. All such things are examples of the effect music has on your mind. Besides, music accelerates the brain’s growth in children’s growing years.

Of course, some surgeons still treat surgery as a discipline and consider listening to music during operation as wrong. However, it is really not a matter of right or wrong because what works the best is appreciated and practiced more.