Funerals are the saddest events of your life. Nobody wants it, but nobody can avoid it. Death is a natural course of one’s life that everyone has to go through. While no amount of consolation can bring peace to someone who has lost their loved ones, flowers can certainly make them feel better.

Sending flowers to the funeral is a sign of love, respect and support to the family of the diseased. If your loved one is going through the same situation, then you can send flowers to show your care and support. In this article, you will find 8 different types of popular funeral flowers that are ideal for sending to the diseased’s family.

1. Peace Lily Plant

Peace lily plant is the best way to show your support as it indicates the rebirth of the departed soul. Giving this plant to the family of the diseased is a great way of showing that the deceased’s departed soul is in a better place now. It is an excellent choice to create a harmonious environment in chaotic times.

2. Lillies

Lillies are the most popular choice for funerals, so much that whenever someone smells lilies, they say it smells like a funeral home. Lillies signifies that the diseased’s soul is at peace now as it has returned to its state of innocence.

3. Orchid

Irrespective of the colour, an orchid is a symbol of eternal love. So, if your close one has lost the love of their life, you can send them an orchid to tell them that wherever their partner is, they will always love you.

4. Roses

Roses have so many colours, and each colour carries a distinctive meaning. So, be careful while choosing the colour of the roses you want to send. Yellow roses are often sent by friends, while dark red roses symbolise love and grief for the diseased. If a young death took place, then white roses are suitable as they indicate love, spirituality, purity and innocence.

5. Carnations

You may have noticed that funeral wreaths and standing sprays are made of carnations. You can send pink carnations to Christian funerals as they believe that it is a flower that is created by the virgin mary’s tears. Red carnations show love and care, while white ones are for purity and innocence.

6. Hydrangea

Hydrangea suggests true heartfelt emotions. It is a good choice to show support to the diseased soul and their family.

7. Hyacinth

Hyacinth is a great flower to show emotions of grief mixed with anger. They also carry a message that says, “You are included in my prayers.” This makes the flower an ideal pick for a funeral.

8. Chrysanthemums

The meaning of these flowers varies greatly depending upon the place. It symbolises sympathy and honour in Europe and America. Also, the red colour indicates love and affection while the white ones signify innocence. On the contrary, these flowers are given at baby showers in Asia as they symbolise rebirth.

Final Thoughts

So, these are the 8 flowers that are popular to send to a funeral. If you are looking for funeral flowers in Melbourne, then check out this page.