From making rubber band slingshot when we were kids to play with projectile toys, we know it all can sting a little bit. We all loved finding creative ways to play games where we could shoot out targets and get the prize, if not at least the sense of glory. Competing with our fellow players in a game of aim and shoot has always been an adrenaline-based fun activity since long before projectile toys were made.

Just like paintball and BB launchers, gel launchers have been in the market for a couple of years now, winning the hearts of everyone who loves playing with guns. Here is some insight into what gel launchers are and how much they can really hurt.

Gel Launchers – A Comprehensive Definition

Gel launchers are projectile toys that shoot ammo stored up in them, just like paintball or bb launchers. But unlike paintball and BB launchers, gel launchers use water-based ammo, water beads, or gel balls made of water. They are nontoxic and biodegradable in nature.

There are two variants of gel launchers one is electric-powered, and the other is gas-powered, depending on the variant speed of the gel bullet. High-quality gel ball machine guns have more muzzle velocity meaning more speed in the bullet when shot. And in both variants of guns, power delivery depends on different factors.

About The Ammo Of Gel Launcher

Unlike paintball launcher and bb launcher, gel launcher uses water-based gel balls, you get them as dry little balls, but when soaked up in the water for a period of time, their size increases multiple folds by absorbing water. Their scientific name is sodium polyacrylate; they are nontoxic and biodegradable in nature. Upon getting hit by them, they don’t leave any stains as they explode upon impact.

How Much Can They  Hurt Upon Getting Hit?

Like a rubber band snapping on your arm, the feeling is temporary and can sting for a while. The same is with these gel launcher guns; upon impact, these water-based gel ammo burst to leave no stain and not even residue. If you are playing in the sun, there won’t be any residue left after the impact.

Do Gel Launchers Hurt?

In comparison to airsoft launchers, paintball, or BB Launchers, you would be lucky to get hit by gel launchers. Because of their squishy water-based gel ammo, it doesn’t hurt much. Although even after less pain from the gel launcher, getting hit upon one area several times or hitting a sensitive area like the neck can have more impact. Always wear protective gear like eyewear, especially and long sleeve clothes and jeans, to avoid that pain.


This is a toy you can play in your home with or outside.  If you want to get hurt or want to  hurt someone on purpose, you can achieve it, but in normal play, gel launchers don’t hurt that much. But if you are getting hit by something that has momentum, you are going to feel it, even if it’s a little bit. The eyes are a super sensitive area, so avoid getting hit by anything and wear protective gear to minimize the pain.