An anesthesiologist is a medical professional who specialises in the field of anaesthesia. Anaesthesiologists are very high in demand as surgery is impossible until you accept a world of pain. An anesthesiologist administers anaesthesia either before, during or after the surgery so that the patient is at ease and pain-free during and after the procedure.

Every surgeon needs an anaesthesiologist by his side while doing a surgical operation. If not the anaesthesiologist himself, then the care team, which he consults. In this blog, you will learn everything you need to know about beingan anaesthesiologist in Australia.

About Anaesthesia- An Overview

Anaesthesia is a drug( medicine) discovered on 16 Oct 1846 and was much needed by both the patients and the surgeon. There are four major categories of anaesthesia, each one having its own particular effect. Still, the basic work of all anaesthesia is to kill the sensation of the feeling so that patients don’t feel pain during the surgical procedure. 

What Is An Anesthesiologist?

An anesthesiologist is a doctor who specialises in the field of anaesthesia, which is used to kill feelings of pain. It can be used at any given time whenever the need is required, either before, during or after the surgery. Being an anaesthesiologist is not easy as it requires years of education and 14000 plus hours of training. Being an anaesthetist requires dedication.

Role Of An Anesthesiologist

As you know, the central education of an anaesthesiologist is in the field of anaesthesia which deals with the pain management system. There are other duties which an anaesthesiologist which is as follows.

  • Before surgery– Talking to the patient knowing their medical history and any past experience with anaesthesia or any other drugs.
  • During surgery– Monitoring the vital organs of the patient and making sure the patient is not in any kind of distress.
  • After Surgery– Taking care of a patient as coming out of surgery, not pain doesn’t vanish instantly, and acute and chronic pain requires long-term pain management.

What Is An Anesthesiologist Called In Australia?

An Anesthesiologist is a medical professional who has done specialisation in anaesthesia. People may call them by different names, all being synonyms to each other to a 99% similarity. An Anaesthetist is someone who administers anaesthesia to the patient.

While anaesthesia consultant is someone, people go to for advice to consult about anaesthesia.

At the end of the day, their knowledge is the same. However,  where they are being used gives rise to different names.


The doctor who specialises in anaesthesia is called an anaesthesiologist; all that depends is on how people reach them and for what purpose that gives rise to different names, although they all sound similar and their knowledge and work experience are all the same.

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