After you study cosmetology, there are many career paths open to you, but it can be difficult to choose which one you want to pursue. So here are some choices for you to consider when you are deciding on the best career option for you.


The most popular and commonly chosen career path for cosmetology students is becoming a hairdresser. There is a large demand for hairdressers because of the variety of skills they possess. They can transform a person just by altering their hair. Their skills are needed not just for special events but on a regular basis as well. Many people get their hair styled every week, so hairdressers are always in business.

Makeup Artist

In today’s world, almost everybody wears makeup. There is no gender barrier. This is especially the case in the movie and fashion industries. Makeup artists are highly in demand because of their skill in changing the entire look of a person through their knowledge and skill of makeup application.

There are many types of makeup artists. Some do normal makeup, while others do special effects makeup. The latter are usually employed in the movie industry. However, the former can work for a variety of people. People require makeup artists for weddings, photoshoots, and more. These can either work freelance or with salons, photo studios, etc.

Nail Technician

This job demands creativity and the ability to stay up-to-date with trends. It’s a popular career path because it lets you bring out your inner artist. Cosmetology puts quite a lot of emphasis on nails and how to take care of them, so it is natural that many students choose this as a career. Performing manicures and pedicures is just one aspect of being a nail technician, you also get to create unique designs on your clients’ nails.

Beauty Consultant

Beauty consultants have been around for a while, and they are highly valued for their knowledge of the beauty industry. They can either work on their own on a freelance basis or they can associate themselves with makeup and beauty shops. There, they can advise the customers on which beauty products they should buy. They can also work for beauty brands and help them become more successful through their knowledge.

Fashion Show Stylist

This career path is for cosmetology students who wish to work in a creative but fast-paced environment filled with glamour. Fashion show stylists are required to prepare the models for their appearance on the ramp by applying makeup and styling their hair. Aside from clothes, makeup and hair hold a big place in a fashion show, so the skills of a fashion show stylist are quite important.


An esthetician is a state-licensed professional with a certain set of highly valued skills. They are skin care experts who not only provide their knowledge for the promotion of the beauty and health of the skin but also provide skin care services. Microdermabrasion, chemical peels, cosmetic enhancement, etc. are some of the procedures that they perform. This career is perfect for those who want to do something different from the rest.


These are a few of the popular career paths you can take after you complete your cosmetology course. If hairdressing is your choice of career, you can add TMICE – Hairdressing School in Melbourne to the list of schools to where you should consider applying.