Running a business is not an easy task. You need to be efficient even in little things. After all, little efficiencies can result in large profits. Likewise, if you run an office where printing things is a common thing to do, you might be wondering how you can get the most out of the ink cartridges.

You can achieve anything with planning. If you put a system or rules in place, you can get the most out of ink cartridges. In this blog, you will find some tips for the same. So, if you are interested, read on further.

Use The Draft Mode For Printing

To be efficient, you will have to tweak the setting of your printer. Select the economic or draft mode available on your printer for less important documents. Make sure to turn this mode off once the not-so-important documents are printed. Draft mode helps print in an economical way by using minimum ink to do the job. The quality of the print can be low. Thus, use it only for documents where you can compromise with the writing.

Leave The Unnecessary Styling Out

It goes without saying that large, bold and fancy fonts can consume more ink as compared to normal fonts. So, unless it’s really important, stick with the normal style of printing to save your ink. To d it, you can choose the simplest font.

Proofreading The Document Before Printing It

Proofreading helps in editing the extra words. So, before printing, make sure to proofread everything and even edit the document if you think it has so many extra words which were not needed in the first place. Moreover, if there is any error, you can fix it to avoid the situation of re-printing the document correctly.

Switch To Grayscale Or B&W Mode

If you run a business where colour printing is not necessarily needed, then switch your printer to grayscale or B&W mode. It will preserve the colour ink for later when you need it. Not to mention, colour inks are costly.

Print Multiple Pages On One Sheet

Surprisingly this hack can actually save you a lot of ink. You can find this option in the Document options. Turn this setting on and print multiple pages per sheet. This will also help you in cutting out the cost of sheets as well.

Ignore The Low Ink Warning Until The Cartridges Are Actually Empty

Automated machines are designed to prompt you whenever they run out of their source. It’s like when your laptop’s or your mobile’s battery is low, you get a notification, but the devices don’t really turn off. Likewise, your printer might show you a warning notification of low ink. However, do not change it until it’s completely empty.

Final Thoughts

If you set some strict rules and everyone follows them, you will surely get the most out of the ink cartridges. If you are running low on cartridges, you can buy Brother ink cartridges by Toner City. Ensure to follow the tips given above in this blog.