Vehicle lighting is crucial in almost every way possible. Regardless of how great your eyesight is, you can never see in the dark without a light source. So, we have decided to compile a list of a couple of tips and tricks that can help you receive better illumination. We will try to cover both internal and external tips.

DIY Tips And Tricks For Internal Vehicle Lighting

Internal lighting is great for many reasons. It enhances the interior of your car and also illuminates the surrounding. If you’re someone who loves long drives with friends, you will appreciate these tips. Moreover, they are great even for general use:

1. Replace Everything With LEDs

First, start by replacing every light bulb in your car’s interior with LED lights. These are brighter and more energy-efficient. You will notice a significant difference in the illumination. Moreover, if you don’t have a dome light, get one installed and witness a significant difference.

2. Add Some Footwell Lights

Next, to give your car a holistic interior illumination, add footwell lights. These add a new dimension to your car and also add to the brightness. If you drop anything around, it will be easier for you to find, as well.

3. Work With The Accent Lights

Now, this is where things get really creative, but you need to make sure not to turn your car into a Christmas tree full of Christmas lights. Keep it simple and add LED Stipe lights on your doors and dash keep it simple. You can add flavour by making them RGB lights.

DIY Tips And Tricks For External Vehicle Lighting

Following the same rule as the previous one, replace your external lights with LED options. You can also opt for HID bulbs. This will give you better illumination for the road. With that, here are other tips that can help you out:

1. Add Extra Controls

Make sure that you can control the different lights of your vehicle by using different controls. For example, on the road, you might not need more than headlights. But while offroading or camping, you might want to turn on the extra flood lights or lamps for extra illumination. It will be annoying to glow brightly on the road.

2. Consider The Adjustment

Another grave mistake is not considering the adjustment of the light. Often, the issue with illumination is not the lights and installation but the level of lights. Make sure to have enough adjustment to easily turn them lower or higher, according to the driving level and preference. This will also prevent you from looking like a jerk.

3. Always Inspect Your Lights

And finally, inspect your lights and make sure to replace them on time to avoid any reduction in performance. If you want to Shop HELLA Vehicle Lighting in Australia – MaxiPARTS can help you out. Check it out and you can find on-time delivery with a wide range of options. Make sure to maintain the lights of your vehicle at all times.