According to a study, it’s been found that some women keep around 34 pairs of underwear, but if we talk about an average woman, it can be said that they own around 20-25 pairs at least. This number is so high because of the various styles, designs, and fabrics of underwear, which are suitable for different occasions and, thus, necessary to have in one’s lingerie drawer. Here are a few types of underwear that an average woman owns.


Classic briefs are a must-have for a woman because of the level of coverage and support they offer. An even better and more comfortable option is a high-waisted brief, which eliminates the need to wear shapewear under most dresses and skirts due to its higher waistband that smoothens the midsection. 


Most women don’t love to wear briefs because of their look, which has branded them as “granny panties”. For such women, hipsters are a great option as they not only provide optimum coverage and support at the front and back, but also help to maintain a seamless silhouette under most types of clothes and look cute. 


Bikinis are fashionable and make you feel good, but they also provide a decent amount of coverage when compared to a thong. For those times when you wish to feel sexy but don’t want to compromise on comfort, bikinis are a great option.


Boyshorts, as their name suggests, are very different from other styles of underwear because they look more like men’s boxers, besides the fact that they are shorter and more form-fitting. This style of underwear is preferred because of the maximal coverage and support that it provides not only at the front and back but also at the sides.

High Cut

The high cut, or French cut as it is most popularly called, is a style of underwear that has become popular recently and has become one of the must-have styles in your lingerie drawer. It works wonders to accentuate your natural waistline and elongates your legs by sitting higher on your waist than any other style of underwear (aside from high waist briefs).


Thongs are considered one of the sexiest styles of underwear and are a great option when you’re looking to hide panty lines in form-fitting clothes. It may provide less coverage than most other styles, but it is still comfortable in its way, for some women.


It can be guessed from its name that this underwear style pays more attention to your butt cheeks, or rather, brings more attention to them as it provides more coverage at the back than a thong but still less than most underwear styles. It is the best option for women with a curvier backside.

Control Top

This style of underwear is also called shapewear underwear because it offers the support and function of shapewear by sitting high on your waist and providing maximum coverage so that your abdomen and sides remain smooth.

The Bottom Line

These were some of the different pairs of underwear that an average woman owns for every occasion. You can buy women’s underwear online in Australia if you want to add these styles to your lingerie collection.