If you are a fashion lover, then you must know a lot of fashion brands. Also, it shouldn’t be your first time hearing the name Acne studios. It is a Swedish brand that offers a wide range of collections for men and women related to their accessories and clothing.

Anything that’s new in fashion or trendy, you can find it here. So what exactly is this brand, and how was it formed? If you are asking these kinds of questions, then look no further. In this blog, we are going to talk about how this amazing brand came into existence.

About Acne Studios

As already mentioned earlier, it is a Swedish brand based in Stockholm. It was founded in 1996 by Jonny Johansson, and since then, it’s expanding each day. Now when people think of luxury Acne Studios immediately comes to their minds. All this has been possible because it is one of the fewer brands that off ready-to-wear clothes, accessories, footwear, etc., for both men and women.

Initially, ACNE meant Associated Computer Nerd Enterprises. However, later it was changed to Ambition to Create Novel Expressions to make it more relatable to the common public. Jonny Johannson is not only the founder of Acne Studios but also led by him as its Creative Director. His talent in various fields such as art, architecture and photography has greatly helped the brand build its unique identity.

A Dive Into The History & Background Of Acne Studios

Formed in 1996, Acne studious was initially focused on field production, graphic design and advertising. The birth of its denim collection took place when its founder Jonny Johansson made 100 raw denim jeans that had red stitching. These special pairs of jeans were given to his family members and friends.

Vogue was quick to register the style and popularity of those jeans. As a result, Acne Studios took the initiative to expand its fashion collection. Today the brand is popular among the masses as well as in global fashion houses with stores in New York, London, Los Angeles, Paris, Antwerp and Tokyo. It offers a plethora of ranges frommen’s andwomen’s casual wear to party wear.

About Products & Stores

Products offered by Acne Studios are versatile as you get to have ready-to-wear men’s and women’s fashion, denim, footwear and accessories such as leather goods, eyewear and handbags.

They also have impressive menswear stock like jeans, leather jackets and sweatshirts. It has registered its worldwide presence with several retail stores in locations like:

  • Stockholm
  • Gothenburg
  • New York
  • Berlin
  • Los Angeles
  • Munich
  • Copenhagen
  • San Francisco
  • Melbourne
  • Sydney
  • Milan
  • Antwerp
  • Oslo
  • Tokyo
  • Hong Kong
  • Nagoya
  • Seoul
  • Chengdu
  • Paris
  • Shanghai
  • Beijing


Surprisingly, Acne Studious has several collaborations with leading brands and designers. Some of the notable collaborations are:

  • Bianchi Bicycles for bikes.
  • Carl Malmsten’s sofa Nya Belin for its furniture line of sofas.
  • Art Collection with Katerina Jebb, Lord Snowdon & Hilma af Klint.
  • Capsule Collection with couture house Lanvin and Libert London.
  • Silk Pajama Collection with PeterSchlesinger, who is an American sculptor.


So this was nearly everything that you should know about Acne Studios. With its rich history and reputed collaborations, it has made an impression on its customers. If you want to grab some of the amazing collections of this brand, then you must check out Acne Studios Collection by Harrolds Australia.