No matter what the occasion is, it is never easy to pick an outfit. Especially when you are going to a party, it is a tad bit tricky to decide what to wear. A casual dinner party makes it even harder to decide, but you must always dress to impress even in the most casual attire. You never know what the host might be expecting you to dress up as. Although it is a casual dinner party, what if you take the casual to another level by showing up in a T-shirt and flip flops? This is exactly what comes to our mind when hearing the word ‘casual’, but we can never be sure of what it truly means. But one thing we are sure of is that it is not flips flops and a T-shirt.

How to dress for a casual dinner party then? Well, since you are not sure of what exactly the hosts have in mind when they say ‘casual’, make sure to ask them how casual in order to avoid taking it literally and looking odd. Nobody really wants that! Ask the host what they are expecting if you are not sure about what to wear. All other things aside, whether you ask or not; just know that if you are invited to a casual dinner party, it is a ‘party’ of some sort. Hence, dress accordingly – the same way you dress up for a party, but in a casual way. Do not overdo it. You can check out Miss Runway Boutique as well for some great outfit options. If you are still confused, here are some ideas for you:

Pair of White Jeans

Cropped jeans have been in fashion for a long time now. To keep it casual yet fancy, cropped white jeans would be the best pick. Complete the look with a pair of heels and tuck in your shirt and you are good to go, looking chic!

Dark Pair of Skinnies

Not everybody is a fan of white denim. Maybe you are one of them, so you do not necessarily have to wear white jeans to a dinner party. You can even wear a dark pair of skinnies, and look awesome.


You heard that right! You can totally wear a jumpsuit to a casual dinner party since it is both casual and classy. Wear some matching earrings and some statement jewellery and you are ready to enjoy that dinner!

Satin Wrap Top

You can never go wrong with a satin wrap top, especially if it is in beige! Wear it with some high waist pants and leather pumps. Make your wrap dress look even more elegant with a new hint of style and some accessories of your choice.

Black dress

We all know how perfect a black dress is for literally any occasion. Whether you go for a black dress or an all-black look with a sweater or a leather jacket, you would totally pull off the casual dinner party look effortlessly! We hope these ideas helped you.