Melbourne is the largest and most beautiful city of state Victoria of Australia. The residents of Melbourne are also referred to as Melbournians. Melbourne is a very exciting city and due to the exciting activities and other fun stuff it is always filled with tourists. There are a lot of activities to do in Melbourne and given below is a guide of the best things to do in Melbourne:

Walking In the Laneways

The city of Melbourne is home to a lot of laneways. To enjoy the trip, you can wander through these laneways. Walking in the laneways will help you learn about the culture of Australia, enjoy street food, and interact with the inhabitants. Some of the famous laneways of Melbourne are ACDC lane, Bennetts lane, Bligh place, capitol Arcade, and many more. 

Drinking the Best Coffee

Melbourne offers the world’s best coffee.  Whenever you are in Melbourne, be sure to sip the best coffee. Almost every street of Melbourne has a coffee café providing the best coffee at a very reasonable price. While in Melbourne, it is quite impossible for you to find gross coffee.

Camping At Campervan Park

Melbourne has a lot of beautiful parks where you can go camping, enjoy a picnic, and enjoy the bonfire. The most exciting thing to do is camp stay campervan parks in Melbourne. Some of the best campervan parks in Melbourne where you can camp include The Discovery Park Melbourne, Crystal Book Tourist Park, and Five Ways Caravans Park.

See Penguins

St Kilda located in the inner area of Melbourne, is a very famous penguin seeing sight. Penguins can be spotted in Melbourne throughout the year. The penguins usually come after sunset from the river side to hunt for fish. You can interact with them and feed them. Millions of tourists per year come to spot the penguins. To make your trip to Melbourne remarkable a trip to St Kilda is a must.

 Visit Werribee Open Range Zoo

If you are a lover of animals, then Werribee Open Range Zoo is an ideal place for you. This open range zoo is an African theme zoo that allows the visitors to interact with animals. You can even interact with gorillas, lions, and other such wild animals face to face. Though this place is a little far away from the main city, but is totally worth visiting.

Visit the Ancient Wooden Roller Coaster

The world’s second wooden roller coaster was built in Luna Park in Melbourne in 1912, and till date, thousands of tourists visit it in a week. Other than this functional wooden roller coaster, many other rides are also available in this park, making it the best the park. Amazing infrastructure, unique rides, delicious food, and other holiday events makes it the best place of Melbourne.

Enjoy the delicious Australian food

Melbourne is very famous for the delicious street food. You can enjoy variety of food items when in Melbourne. Some of the most popular Melbourne food items are fairy bread, meat pies, Anzac biscuit, and chicken parmigiana.