This season, it’s all about the lace. It’s the material that has reinvented itself to be just as relevant to today’s street style as it was to the Victorians. The wide variety of lace dresses sometimes makes it hard to decide which one to pick and how to style it. If you are facing the same issue, then you have come to the right place! Continue reading this article to unravel all the mysteries of styling a lace dress for every occasion.

Date night

The coloured lace dress checks all the boxes for a simple, fun, and flirtatious date-night look. Pair your lace dress with sleek and understated accessories like ankle-strap shoes, a little purse, and a sleek piece of jewellery to make it the star of the show. And voila! You are ready for love at first sight.

Club hopping

A little black lace dress can be the perfect outfit for going around the clubs with your girlfriends. Make sure to pick a lace dress with a nice plunging neckline or a little backless action. Pair your little dress with knee-high boots and dazzling metallic hoop earrings to create a sexy look. The lace LBD will give you the perfect look for a club night.


While most people associate lace dresses with evening time outfits, only a few know how to style a lace dress for work. Lace is not just a transparent material; it is also a feminine and elegant fabric that can be dressed up or down to your advantage. You can find various sophisticated lace dresses by Miss Runway that can be worn to your workplace. All you need to make a great work outfit with a lace dress is to pair it with a sharp, well-fitted blazer. Tie your hair in a ponytail to keep the look minimal. You can pair any of your shoes with a neutral colour to go with the look. We recommend lace dresses in pastel colours, they look subtle and beautiful for daytime.

Weekend brunch

For the weekend brunch scene, go for a casual look with your lace dress. Pair the dress with a denim jacket and sneakers. This off-duty look is effortless and comfortable. Do not forget to accessorise the attire with a baggy handbag and mandatory shades. If you prefer more feminine dressing, you can opt for a soft cardigan over the dress. This is a popular look these days and is called the “soft girl” aesthetic.

Cocktail party

Think maxi lace dress with a deep leg slit; it is sexy and powerful. If you are someone who likes making grand entrances with a head-turning dress, then lace dresses are your best friend. All you need are the right heels and a beautiful studded clutch to complete the look. For a cocktail or a dinner party, you can experiment with rich colour tones like burgundy or emerald green.

Final thoughts

Lace dresses are an essential part of every woman’s wardrobe. These are versatile dresses that can be worn to different events with smart styling tricks. Each event has a different mood, and thus, it demands different dressing styles. The above-mentioned ideas and tips for styling a lace dress for various different occasions will surely help you dress better without having to buy separate dresses for every event.