You know how the saying goes, “You take care of things, and things will take care of you.” This saying goes for everything, whether it may be clothes, watches, a car or your relationship with someone. Shoes are no different. On the other hand, they just might need more taking care since different weather can affect your shoes differently. Shoes help you make a great impression while also helping you carry yourself in style.

Some expensive shoes need extra care since you don’t want them getting ruined, it may sound absurd, but one of the simplest things you can do to keep the integrity of your shoes intact is to keep them in a box. Here’s everything you need to know about extending the lifespan of your shoes.

Protection From External Factors

People think of shoes as some hard material that won’t wear down for a long, long period of time because they wear them daily, put enough strain on them, and still find them intact when they reach home. It’s not correct.

They have a life span and after which they start wearing down easily, and changes can be seen. That’s why properly storing them is necessary to preserve their lifespan and to avoid any scuff and scratches on the shoe.

Less Exposure To Humidity

A shoe box may acquire more space as compared to a shoe rack, but it provides more safety than shoe racks. Just make sure you keep your shoes in a box big enough so that you don’t have to force the shoe into the box. Humidity can damage the material of the shoe to a great extent. Keeping the shoes in an airtight box can reduce exposure to humidity. Thus, making the shoes look as good as new.

Preserving Shoe Shape

Maintaining the shoe shape is sometimes impossible as, with time, it gets affected. Keeping your shoes in a box can help in preserving their actual shape. This provides longevity to the shoe you are preserving in a box.

Good Resale Value

When thinking of reselling your shoes, keep the original box they came in. Not only does it prevents the shoes from wear and tear, but it also preserves the originality of the shoes as the box will signify that the shoes are from a branded company.

Protection During Transportation

The disadvantage of keeping your shoes in a rack rather than a box is that when you move your stuff, you need to pack the shoes wherever you can. Even if you think to keep it in a box, you might not find the right box at the moment. Keeping your shoes in the box from the start can help you save time, and your shoes will remain protected during transportation.


Having a box to store your shoes is necessary to maintain the lifespan of our shoes. If you want to buy a shoe box, Inabox Solutions: Shoe Boxes for Stylish Shoe Storage offers you the best and most durable box.